Da Princess and Da Pea: Judgment Day

K’den. It’s been chree weeks sleeping on da Tempur-Pedic mattresss. Neva wen find one pea. And sometimes I still wake up in da morning wit one backache, but it goes away much moa fass den it did wit da old mattress.

Also, I’m sleeping moa betta; deeper sleep, and no tossing and turning like befoa. Usually now I jass turn ova one time, and seems like I’m sleeping moa deep and I’m waking up less tiyad.

Da hardest part of da change-over was figuring out da blankets, how many foa put on da bed. I wen try da electric blanket foa warm up da mattress first, but during da night, even wit da blankie turned off, I wen get too hot, cuz stay synthetic and all. So I wen add one Pendleton wool blankie; one vintage red one wit chree black stripes on da edges. Classic. And in dis ho da cold weather we been having, like in da teens at night and maybe down to 10 (yikes!) tonight, it keeps me nice and warm.

Okay, now da not so good stuffs. Wit no electric blanket on da bed, no can warm up da mattress befoa I climb in. And da mattress stay kinda hard but not uncomfortable. But within about five minutes, erryting stay all nice and cozy.

I alla time sleep wit da sliding door open small kine, and da window small kine above me, and I stay plenny warm at night. And so funny dis: when I get out of bed in da kakahiaka, Keola immediately jumps into da warm place I wen leave!

And da deciding factor? During da daytime, da kitties love sleeping dea because dea body heat warms up da mattress too.

My friends and I jass wen spend chree nights at one retreat, and doe da mattress dea was perfectly comfortable, I was glad to get back to mines one.

So. Da verdict. I going keep da mattress. I stay sleeping moa betta and da kitties love it. Nolemana stay happy too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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2 Responses to Da Princess and Da Pea: Judgment Day

  1. Debra says:

    Oh yes-I hate a cold bed too. We have our winter flannel sheet on, but even they can be cold when you first get under the blankies!

  2. AFK says:

    Aurite, Moki-chan! K-den, I goin’ tell my `ohana fo’ chance ’em!

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