Pumpernickel Valley again!

I had a really cool comment on this post I did a bunch of years ago, all about my curiosity about Pumpernickel Valley in Nevada.

This post has gotten tons of comments, some of them giving me added information about the place. But today’s comment really excited me, because David, the guy who left the comment, had actually lived there!

Try read his comments, the last one in the post. Fascinating stuff!! Thanks so much, David, for taking the time to write all this down and leaving your comment for others to read.

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1 Response to Pumpernickel Valley again!

  1. Debra says:

    Wow-this was very cool reading-I was fascinated with your screen shots-how do you do that? And your yearning to go there-and the beautifully written comment. Amazing-all the places on this earth….
    (You seriously crack me up with that kakaroaching stuff!)

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