June 20-28 – Ai yah!

Ho, I stay so far behind! Taking photos every day, but then get too busy to post ’em.


June 20th:

My neighbor was trying to ride her horsie up this road. Only one problem. He didn’t want to go there. I stopped the car and watched. She was kicking him like crazy, but nope, no how, no way, was he going to go any further.

So she ended up leading him on foot. Neighbor: 0. Horse: 1.

June 21st:

Today was Cinnamon’s first vet checkup since we got her. She was so calm and sweet; our vet just loved her! So do we.

June 22nd:

We got to spend the weekend with my brother and sis in law; this is the view from their deck. I have missed seeing the ocean!

The next day we had coffee at the Newport bay front, and really enjoyed watching the fishing boats going by.

It was also Nolemana’s birthday! Here he is wearing a sweater I knit for him.

June 24th:

Covered bridge on our way home. This one near Pedee, Oregon.

June 25th:

Yummy Ladybug chocolate! Birthday present from my special spinning friend!!

June 26th:

Nani Oregon!

June 27th:

Yippee!!! I get my license plates on the car! Finally!

June 28th:

A good friend shares the bounty from her garden: broccoli, lettuce, carrots, pea pods, and Walla Walla onions!

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1 Response to June 20-28 – Ai yah!

  1. AFK says:

    Yay! All pictures of a good life being lived well.

    Wow, your and Nolemana’s birthdays are so close together. That color looks perfect on him. Happy belated Bday, Nolemana!

    Why didn’t the horse want to go up that road? Puzzling.

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