June 6 – One big truck!


We’re having GW Construction in Gresham build a carport for my new kawila; we should’ve done it years ago, but didn’t. And as a result, my white van was hard to keep clean; she’d get fir sap, fir pollen, and fir needles all over her. As soon as we had a little extra kala, we hired Orvill to build us a carport next to the garage. Because, ya know, there’s stuff in the garage! Which we’re slowly getting rid of, by da way.

The truck bringing the lumber had to back up all the way up our very long driveway. 1/10 of a mile, and an 18% grade at the curve. Orvill walked behind, guiding the driver of the long flatbed. They all finally got up, not without panting on a certain member of the team. But no trees were broken, and the flatbed didn’t even get a little bit off the driveway. So all was good.

Here’s the truck with the lumber and other supplies in front of the garage.

I had to leave, and my car was parked a ways down the driveway so it’d be out of the way, but as I passed the lumber truck I turned around to look at it. Ho da big!!

Ever seen “Duel” with Dennis Weaver! Todally scary dat movie! And the front of this truck reminded me of that.

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