May 27 – 31

I have been taking photos every day. Promise. Just haven’t gotten them uploaded. So here’s another batch.

May 27:

Here’s some yummy yarn that I spun. Colorway is “Sky Drama”, by Lisa Souza.

May 28:

I met my friend in Canby for another spinning day, and took the monthly photo of Willamette Falls in Oregon City.

May 29:

This Hairy Woodpecker hit our deck glass… I did everything I could but couldn’t save him… big time wai maka.

May 30:

Rayado lying down in the pasture in the long grass.

May 31:

Flower power!

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1 Response to May 27 – 31

  1. Kim says:

    Poor woodpecker. Wai maka here, too. He looks like a baby…
    You spin a lot. I’m spinning a lot. Do you knit up all your yarn? I’m asking because I’m starting to amass quite a bit of handspun; I do knit it a bit – made 2 shawls and a hat for the man, but clearly the spinning is a runaway thing. Wondering if you experience the same…

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