May 18 – Went to the shelter and…

Well, I guess it was inevitable. Nolemana was so lonely without Hinahina, and today we drove up to Vancouver to donate Hina’s cat food there. And Nolemana said he’d like to look at kitties. First we checked out one sweet girl named Bristol… a lovely calico girl. Hers was a sad story: her former owners had to give her up because their new home required, gasp!, a $1300. pet deposit! The volunteer told us that the lady just cried and cried when she left her there….

Bristol was very shy, very stressed, and though Nolemana liked her, he wanted to see more kitties. We walked outside the get acquainted room (I LOVE how they clean the rooms after each kitty goes in) and another staff person pointed us to “Roxie”, who happened to be on Nolemana’s list.

We spent quite a bit of time in another room with her. The staff person said that Roxie had been abandoned at the vet’s where she’d been boarded. She was microchipped, but after weeks and weeks of trying to contact the owners (their phone was disconnected), they gave up and gave her to the shelter, who also tried to contact the owners, also with no luck.

The good thing about it all was that Roxie had been thoroughly vetted and pronounced to be in excellent health. She gained weight at the shelter so has to lose some, but other than that she’s doing great. She’s eight years old (I love giving a middle-aged kitty a new home) and is extremely plush. She’s very friendly and didn’t try to hide, and when she jumped down onto the floor and we tapped the bench, she hopped right up again, demanding to be petted. That just did it for Nolemana, and he said he wanted her.

I’d told Nolemana that he would just know if a kitty was right for him, that he kitty would choose him, but he didn’t understand how that worked and I couldn’t really explain it. Gotta experience it , ya know? Now he got it.

So just like that, he has a new downstairs kitty . We’re definitely going to change her name (suggestions welcome)… we’ve thought of “Honey”, or “Moonshine” so far. Since it’s his kitty , it won’t be Hawaiian…. haole boy dat guy!

I think she’s going to be the perfect kitty for him. She’s already crawled up next to him as he’s working, and is very affectionate. She looks very happy to be here. Her official coloring is called Patched Mackerel Tabby. Interesting, yeah?

Last night I was given her dream name, and Nolemana likes it!

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2 Responses to May 18 – Went to the shelter and…

  1. AFK says:

    Yay for Nolemana and the new kitty! I love that self-satisfied look at her face – that photo just cries out for a caption.

    (When I told my other half that you had gotten a new kitty for Nolemana, he said “sure, it’s for Nolemana, right.) 😉

  2. Suzette says:

    Lucky Cinnamon! To be with a family who will love her so much and to have a buddy to pal around with. What a pretty girl she is, too 🙂 Congratulations to you all with your new kitty…blessing for a long and happy life! xoxo

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