May 7 – Best friends


I love how Noelani and Keola sleep together!

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2 Responses to May 7 – Best friends

  1. AFK says:

    It looks as though Noelani has a Keola-sized pillow, and Keola has a Noelani-sized blanket.

  2. Shoshi says:

    What a gorgeous photo of two beautiful kitties, Mokihana! Sorry to have been absent for so long. We are in the process of moving house, which involves packing up Mum’s house as well as our own, and I’ve had very little time or energy to spare. The completion of the sale of my parents’ house takes place tomorrow, and we are still waiting for a date for our purchase. I’ve got my dream ARTHaven all lined up – can’t wait to move in and get started!

    Hope you are well. I am not too bad as long as I don’t overdo it – I’m suffering greatly today from payback after seriously overdoing it at Mum’s yesterday – my third session of cleaning! Worth it though – I am no longer ashamed to hand over the house to the new owners lol!


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