May 3 – Off to Richland, Washington

My friend Linda and I drove up to Richland today for a conference. As we drove up the Columbia River Gorge, I saw this sign on the back of a semi trailer… Linda and I wondered if it was brewed coffee or beans or what inside the trailer.

Personally, I thought it’d be helpful if there were spigots on the side so that we could fill up our coffee cups as we drove by!

And a gratuitous photo of da day: The lovely Cable Bridge between Kennewick and Pasco, which we drove over. It is an unbelievably lovely bridge!

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1 Response to May 3 – Off to Richland, Washington

  1. AFK says:

    I too love that graceful bridge in Kennewick. And, you’re right, that coffee truck needs a drive-along-side window for sales.

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