May 1 – Not exactly what I’d planned for today.

Here’s my photo of the day. The Gathering was pau and I got into my car. I had a lot of errands to run. Turned the key. Car started. Engine turned off. Hmmm… Strange. Turned the key again. Car started. Engine turned off. Acting like it thought I was kakaroaching my own car. Sheesh.

I took the key out of the ignition. Pressed the “open door” button which I usually do if this happens. Put the key back in. This time the car wouldn’t start at all.

Called AAA. The guy came right out… battery fine. Alternator fine. Tried a few key things. Nothing. He called the tow truck. I called Nolemana and asked him to come get me. Tow truck guy has to load my kawila onto the flatbed up a steep hill, after backing down my car from my friends’ very steep driveway.

Off they went. Off we went. We all met at Cleveland Auto Repair in Gresham. I told Arlen what was happening and he right away said he thought it was the anti-theft system.

Nolemana and I came home after doing a couple of my errands.

Kawila stayed at Cleveland Auto. Hopefully I will get her back tomorrow.

Here’s my kawila, almost ready to head off to the shop. Me, grateful for AAA.

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