April 29 – Lilacs and valley view

These lilacs were kakaroached as suckers from a place that shall not be named. Nolemana dug them up for me and they have thrived. Good to see beauty right now as they bloom on our deck.

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1 Response to April 29 – Lilacs and valley view

  1. Debra says:

    I have ‘kakaroached’ things too….and glad I did. I have rescued plants from certain death by transplanting some of them. I have an antique rose from an old farmhouse I used to live in. If I had not transplanted some of that rose-it would be gone. The current owners of that property have bulldozed the house down, and the old gardens are a ruin as well. I did get permission from the owner to get some of the lilacs there, and they are 20 feet tall at our home. Ours are not anywhere near blooming yet. I am hoping for some warm weather. 50 is better than 20 though! I hope your kitty is better….

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