April 26 – Ku’u Lei Hinahina

In order to fully understand the photo of the day, and my sadness, please go here and read my 2008 post about our kitty, Hinahina.

Hinahina is now about fourteen years old, and has been Nolemana’s faithful companion in his office for all these years. About four months ago she developed the beginnings of renal failure, and she’s been doing really well on her special diet, so well in fact, that the vet said last month that she didn’t need to see Hinahina for another six months.

But last week Hinahina stopped eating, and for the past five days we have had more tests run, X-rays taken, and three more exams. Our vets, working together, think that she has developed several issues that are complicating the renal issues, including the possibility of diabetes or something worse. We’re now awaiting the results of Hina’s last culture, but things are not looking good. She’s eating a little bit of tuna, but she can’t stay on that very long, and given the circumstances, it looks like we’ve got a difficult decision to make. That will be on Monday, when the culture results come back.

Our poor girl isn’t feeling well, and one of our vets gently said, “Not all wars are meant to be fought.” He and our other vet are a wonderful team helping our pöpoki.

This is a photo of Hinahina at the vet’s. I hope that there is something that we can do medically when her test results come back… but right now… I just don’t know. The thought of going through this again so soon after losing ‘Ukulele and Kukui is really hard…..

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1 Response to April 26 – Ku’u Lei Hinahina

  1. AFK says:

    Auwe. Waimaka. I ste tinking good tots fo you & Hinahina & Nolemana.

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