April 5 – I know ‘Ukulele sent her.

My beloved ‘Ukulele kitty, who I lost a year and a half ago, was my soul mate. I still grieve her loss and my heart hurts without her. But I am convinced that she sent Kalakoa to me, because Kalakoa brings me yarn just the way ‘Ukulele used to do.

The latest treasure that she brought me was a 4-oz bag of spinning fiber; how she managed to drag it all the way down the hallway from the dining room I don’t know. But drag it she did, and as I praised her for bringing it to me, tears of sadness and thankfulness mixed together rolling down my cheeks. Sadness because I miss my ‘Ukulele girl, and thankfulness because I know she sent Kalakoa to comfort me.

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1 Response to April 5 – I know ‘Ukulele sent her.

  1. AFK says:

    Kalakoa still appears to be glaring at the dangerous bag of fiber, just to make sure it does not spring up and attack anyone! Love, love love.

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