March 28 – Rescue

I was working in my office today when I heard a thump against the side window to my right. Knowing that a bird had undoubtedly hit it, I leaped up and quietly went outside. Sure enough, a tiny Golden-Crowned Kinglet was sitting stunned on the deck, not moving at all.

Grateful for my training as a wildlife rehab volunteer, I gently scooped up the little guy and brought him into the house, asking Nolemana to prepare a small box for the bird. (He too, knows just what to do in cases like this, because it’s happened countless times throughout the years.)

Before I put the bird in the box for an hour or so of quiet in a dark room, I had Nolemana take a quick photo of him, while the beautiful manu rested in my hand. I was holding him so gently that he could have escaped if he’d wanted to, but he was still pretty stunned.

After an hour, I quietly went into the hall bathroom where the Kinglet had been resting. I opened the lid just a crack to let some light in; the bird wanted out! I checked his wings and feet; they weren’t injured. So I took the box outside and opened the lid, turning the box on its side so the warbler could see he was free.

In less than twenty seconds, the little guy had flown off into the trees with a little thank you peep. And as always, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude that I could help a lovely wild thing regain his freedom. I always feel as though I’m participating in a miracle.

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2 Responses to March 28 – Rescue

  1. Debra says:

    I agree-it is a miracle to help a bird, to hold one, to feel its heartbeat in your hand…I’ve been doing this kind of rescue since I was a little girl. My grandma taught us bird love, and it is a lesson I will never forget.
    Love you.
    Happy Easter to you and all.

  2. AFK says:

    How wonderful. Good karma on you & Nolemana.

    (And that manu will have a great story to tell his buddies. They won’t believe him.)

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