March 21

Wow, what a weather-y day we’ve had today! It started out cloudy, but with a patch of sun across the valley that made a great photo of the day. Then the sun came out, then it began to rain, and while I was safely indoors at the gym, we had a mega-hailstorm that went on for about ten minutes.

Pau the gym I headed into downtown Gresham; the sun was out again. But when I left the yarn store, the hail started again! Then the sun came out and we had a lovely sunset.

Very typical Oregon spring weather. I love it!

This morning: a patch of sun across the valley.

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1 Response to March 21

  1. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, this picture makes me think of the song “Over the Valley,” by Pink Martini (one of my favorite bands, and based in Portland). Chrai lissen:

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