March 14th

Up the hill and around several corners from me about a mile away from me lives a young man named Bryan. Several weeks ago the 10-year old put a sign out at the end of his long driveway that read “Organic Eggs For Sale” and I decided that I’d try several dozen to see how I liked them. I’d been buying cage-free eggs at the store, but the thought of getting eggs so close to home really appealed to me.

The first time I bought the eggs, Bryan wasn’t home, and his father sold them to me, saying next time to come after 4:00 p.m. when his son was home from school because he really liked to be there. I was short a dollar, and Bryan’s dad told me not to worry about it…to just bring it next time.

They were wonderful! Bright yellow-orange yolks that didn’t break when they hit the pan, and whites that didn’t run all over the place! My kind of eggs for sure. Nolemana and I used to have chickens, and I know what fresh eggs look and taste like, and Bryan’s are top-notch. In addition, the shells are clean as a whistle with not a speck of dirt anywhere on them.

Today I went back again to get another three dozen. Bryan was home and when he brought out the eggs I gave him the missing dollar as well as payment for the new ones. He was so polite, thanked me for coming back, and shook my hand in a very professional way. I was very impressed with this young man.

I told him how wonderful his eggs were and how much I appreciated their cleanliness. I also told him how pleased I was to see green Araucana eggs among the brown and white ones and that I’d be back in a few weeks. I love supporting this young man!

Photo of the day: beautiful, organic, eggs!

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1 Response to March 14th

  1. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, he sounds like a good egg. (Yes, I live with Leo Lakio–I can’t help it–the yolk’s on me.)

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