March 10

Today Nolemana and I went to the Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase in Aurora, Oregon. It was held in the museum there, and there were fifty old wheels being spun on by ladies in period costume. It was really hard to choose a photo for the day from all the ones that I took! The one that I chose was of a woman wearing a Civil War dress, minus all the petticoats and hoops that a woman would ordinarily wear. She looked wonderful! She was spinning on an antique wheel, and making some lovely yarn as she did.

Just looking at her dress with ukubillion yards of fabric in it made me very glad I live in a time where I can wear shorts and slippahs!

I will be uploading more photos from the day in a few days… one is a video of a friend of mine spinning on a pendulum wheel. It was pretty amazing to watch!

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1 Response to March 10

  1. AFK says:

    Also thankful fo da fact dat we no have to wear one corset!

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