March 2

Today during knitting time at Littlelamb and Ewe, Ellie, the adorable shop kitten, was keeping my friend and I entertained by her antics, zooming from one place to another. It was hard to get knitting done because I was having so much fun watching her!

At only three weeks of age, Ellie was dumped off into some bushes at our local college. A friend of Cindy’s (Cindy and her daughter, Katie, own Littlelamb and Ewe) fed and nurtured her for several weeks, saving the little kitten’s life. When Cindy opened the yarn store, she knew she needed to have a shop kitty, and that’s where Ellie, now healthy, came to live.

Today Ellie decided to pay me a visit as I was knitting, so I decided to make her part of Project 365. She is a love!

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2 Responses to March 2

  1. AFK says:

    God bless Ellie and the humans who saved her. Who couldn’t love that face?

  2. Debra says:

    Awwww….what kind of knitting does she do??? 🙂

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