February 25

Okay, I’m kinda cheating because I didn’t take this photo. However, today is my youngest daughter’s birthday, and I wanted to commemorate the day by using her photo. Every year, I tell her her birthday story, the story of the day she was born. It is a yearly ritual that I do for both of my daughters, and I am unbelievably happy that they want to hear it as much as I love to tell it.

Anela was born eleven days before a tragic event in my life, and having this precious baby just then was part of my healing. I held her close, along with her sister, and thanked God that I could keep going because of them.

Hauʻoli Lā Hānau, Anela, my beloved girl. I love you!

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3 Responses to February 25

  1. AFK says:

    You do not look old enough to have a daughter that age. Happy birthday to you AND Anela! (You birthed her, after all – shouldn’t it be happy bday to you too?)

  2. Clare says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful Anela! And happy day to your beautiful mom!

  3. Your youngest daughter says:

    What sweet words, thank you, Mom. I love you and I’m thankful you “birthed” me too. 🙂

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