February 8

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Today I needed to drive out to Sandy, Oregon…it’s only about ten miles from our house, but with gas prices so high, I always try to combine errands when I go there.

My first stop was at the dentist’s office. Nothing too exciting there.

My next stop was at the Sandy City Hall; this is the mural that is on the exterior wall. Very definitely photo-worthy, don’t you think? It depicts all the logging that has gone on in the area, with the Sandy River in the background.

I stopped by Designer Yarn to pick up some yarn for a hat for a friend. Sherri was having a yarn-tasting sale! The special yarns were on plates on the table, each one supplied with needles so that people could see how they liked the different ones by knitting with them. Pretty clever, yes? And no calories! I sat down with several of them and had fun seeing which ones I liked the best.

The yarn “bowls” were so neat; each ball of yarn was inside a teapot, with the working end of the yarn coming out the spout. What a great way to keep the balls of yarn from leaping all over the table!

Right now, I know, AFK, you’re studying your monitor, saying to yourself, “Is that what I think it is?” and hoping for a closer look. Yep. It is what you think it is. I knew you’d love this teapot, so I took a photo of it just for you!

I wondered if I could kakaroach it and send it to you, but in the long run decided that Sherri might notice, so I left it there. But inside I was smiling, knowing that you’d love even the photo. Hugs, tita!

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1 Response to February 8

  1. AFk says:

    Tanks ah Mokichan! I no like you go to da calaboose, so da pitcha is planny!

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