February 2

This evening Nolemana and I were driving west on Sunshine Valley Road and saw this nani sunset. I stopped the car along the road and snapped this photo. I love the contrast of the dark trees against the beautiful sky. I love living out in a semi-rural area where I can get shots like this without buildings being in the way.

It slowly faded as we were driving, but we gloried in it as long as it lasted. Mahalo ke Akua for the glorious colors in your paintbrush tonight!

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2 Responses to February 2

  1. David Piazza says:

    I saw your reply to an inquiry regarding Alice Stephenson Campbell Danforth.
    She is apparently your great-grandmother. She is also my great-grandmother. I met Aunt Myrtle also, she stayed at our house in Alabama and we visited her in Redwood City, California in 1973(What a pile of magazines!).
    I have just stumbled across your web-site late at night and have read a bit of it. Can’t wait to read more as I too like flowers and have cats and I also like creeks flowing under bridges.
    I thought maybe I would send you an e-mail and see if it reaches you.
    Please reply and I will tell you more.
    Greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  2. Izzie Kikue says:

    Such a beautiful photo of the feathery clouds. Sunrise and sunsets are the best times to photograph. This one is proof of that.

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