January 28

I got two brand-new pennies as change from the coffee shop, and thought it’d be a great idea to have them be my photo/s of the day today. They’re so new and so shiny, and I’ve never ever gotten pennies like this before.

I remember, small kid time, we used to use erasers to bring shine back into old pennies. I sure didn’t have to do that with these! They were minted in 2012 and I got excited about it.

I am easily entertained.

I may just keep them forever.

See how shiny?

And here’s a macro so you can really see the date.

They seem kinda special to me. Like I said, I’m easily entertained.

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2 Responses to January 28

  1. AFK says:

    Attention deficit – ooh, shiny! (Me, not you. I, too, am easily entertained.)

  2. Izzie Kikue says:

    No wear on those babies. At least not yet. Do you ever wonder where the loose change been before you got your hands on them? Each one must have so many stories to tell. Interesting thought.

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