January 26

Today’s photo is of our brand-new driveway fence; this is a really big deal for us because the old one was broken and had a big puka in it. That was a huge big deal because right below the old fence is a very steep drop-off into the pasture. To turn around when we leave, we have to do a three-point turn, and I’ve had visions of backing up too far and plummeting backwards down that slope, wrecking my car, and ending up in pretty bad shape myself.

But now, thanks to Orvill Garren of GW Construction, we have a new fence, and unlike the old one, it perfectly matches the deck alongside the house and garage. And I feel a whale of a lot safer!

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1 Response to January 26

  1. Izzie Kikue says:

    Wow, every time I see the view I so enjoy it. The fence looks great too!

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