365 Days – January 3-21

I started a new creative endeavor this months, thanks to some Ravelry peeps, who encouraged me to start. The idea is to take a photo for every single day of the year. It doesn’t have to be anything artistic or fancy or anything, though it can be. The big trick for me seems to be remembering to do it, but so far I haven’t missed a single day (though I cut it close a couple of times!). I started on January 3rd, and I think what I’d like to do here is to post a photo for each day. However, since I only now thought of the idea, I gotta play catchup. So here goes; this should be an interesting chronicle of my year.

January 3rd:

I went to downtown Portland to Pearl Fiber Arts to pick up some yarn… well, duh, of course for some yarn. While I was stopped, two mounted policemen went by on their horses and I quickly snapped a photo. I love the rubber boots on the horses to protect their hooves. Also notice they way they’re clipped for muddy/rainy weather.

January 4th:

A view of the sky through the branches of one of our Big Leaf Maples that right now are full of moss.

January 5th:

The menu at Surf Bear Coffee in Damascus, where I spend a lot of time knitting.

January 6th:

My myrtlewood spinning wheel bobbin whirring around as I’m spinning.

January 7th:

Keola lying on his favorite blanket, which was knit for me by a special friend. I have the feeling there will plenny kitty photos this year. I am a crazy cat lady, remember!

January 8th:

Two photos for today. On my way down to Canby so spin with a friend, I stopped at Willamette Falls in Oregon City to take these two photos. The first is the historical marker there.

And the second is of the falls, which are kinda low for this time of year. Usually there’s water going over the middle, too.

January 9th:

Keola and Noelani – best friends.

January 10th:

It snowed!! This is of a wood birdhouse ornament out in our garden.

January 11th:

We drove up to Government Camp to do an appraisal; check out the icicles on this condo!! No way would I stand underneath one of them!

January 12th:

Keola and Noelani again; they’re lying on my Joseph’s Coat blanket that I knit several years ago. My spinning fiber is in the bookcase in the background.

January 13th:

A winter view from out lanai looking out over Sunshine Valley. It was 22 degrees when I took this photo.

January 14th:

I made a collage out of several photos that I took while driving around our neighborhood. And yes, I stopped the car to take them!

January 15th:

Today’s photo was brought to you by the letter F (for fog). Freezing fog so thick I couldn’t see down to the bottom of the pasture.

January 16th:

Knitting time with my Gathering friends at Littlelamb and Ewe in Gresham.

January 17th:

Today’s photos brought to you by the letter f and the letter s…

… and by the letter S.

Here’s a collage of what happened within about 20 minutes:

January 18th:

Lots of photos for today! This first one is a collage of the sunrise, which usually I don’t get to see because I’m still asleep. Wat? Bodda u?

Photo of NW 22nd Avenue in front of Good Samaritan Hospital; taken from the sky bridge between the parking lot and the hospital. No emergency; just a cPap machine exchange for Nolemana.

And I added these two, taken from another time we were there. ‘Way cool shot of the top of the Portland trolley. How often do you get to see that?

We waited about 15 minutes to be able to get these shots. Totally worth it!

Also this one, on the way home. Pretty blurry cell phone photo of a lenticular cloud and Mt St Helens; taken along Tillstrom Road in Damascus.

January 19th:

Blurry photo of a semi-frozen puddle on our gravel road. For a week now, the temperature had not gotten above 35 degrees.

Also got a photo of the sun setting against the trees in our pasture.

January 20th:

It was cold and frosty outside, so I decided to go for a short drive to see what I could see worthy of today’s photo. Out by Mountain View Golf Course in Boring, I got lucky. This amazing view of Mt Hood was mine for the taking!

Today, January 21st:

This is Paul, lying out in the pasture. He is growing a nice coat of spinnable wool for me! It was still cold today so it’s good he has a warm coat!

K’den. Now I’m all caught up! From now on, I’ll post one photo a day. I hope I can keep it up!

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3 Responses to 365 Days – January 3-21

  1. Kim says:

    I love this! Especially Paul.
    Thanks for publishing slices of your life.

  2. Izzie Kikue says:

    All great photos! And I think it is a wonderful idea. 365 days of photos! Love it Mochi! xox

  3. AFK says:

    Love them, love them, LOVE THEM. I would be happy if you posted many kitty pictures. You have a great eye. I gonna mek you one honorary Kepanee wit all da pitchas you ste taking!

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