Montana Road Trip 2010, Part Two

We didn’t stop in McNary but drove on through, because we had miles and miles to go before we got to our motel in Orofino. Since I am always the trip planner, I’d gone online and found what looked like a great motel there and had made reservations. And since we’d gotten such a late start, ‘way later than we’d planned, we needed to keep going.

We’re now on Highway 730, still in Oregon, and if you read my Mystery Road Trip saga before, you’ll recognize some of the views along the way.

Try look the cloud in this photo. What does it look like to you?

Here’s a closer view of it; I’d love to know what you think it looks like.

One of the reasons I like taking road trips is that generally we try to stay off the freeways when we can. I am a back roads girl, and I love to see the changing terrain at a somewhat slower pace as we drive along. It’s also easier to stop alongside the highway to read historic markers or to stretch our legs when we’re off the freeways.

Do you remember Wallula Gap from Da Mystery Road trip? Here it is again. The Columbia River is now called Lake Wallula.

We’re now entering Washington State and Walla Walla County. Washington is known as The Evergreen State, but like Oregon, that’s makai of the Cascades. There are only a few weeks in Spring when these hills have even a hint of green on them.

When we’re in country like this I always think of the pioneers on the Oregon Trail, and whether or not they knew that beyond this bleak environment, just over the mountains, was a land so lush and green that they’d want to keep going instead of settling on the drier side of the state.

This is the first of the Two Sisters, or Cayuse Sisters, along the road.

It took me a long time, but I finally figured out what Two Sisters looks like from above. I really like seeing the aerial view of them, and I know my sista Izzie will, too.

And here’s a terrain map from Google showing what the area around them looks like. I do love the internet!

Weʻre now on our way to Walla Walla. The craggy rocks have given way to fertile fields.

“Washington Wine is So Rock ʻnʻ Roll”… LOL!!

An old barn up on the hill catches my eye.

Mokihana: “Barn!”

Nolemana: Ditto like before.

Pīpī foa AFK!!

OMG. I am SO weird!! Rememba Part One where I said I guess we must’ve eaten at Subway or something? Duh. I couldn’t remember where we ate because we hadn’t eaten yet! Oh Mokihana, u are so lolo!!

I’d gone online before we left, checked out and found that there was actually, unbelievably, a Hawaiian kine restaurant there! And I didn’t care how late we got there (poor ting Nolemana!), that’s where we’d have lunch. (Actually, that was fine with Nolemana.) And this is what I’d found.

Yep! Hawaiian kine grindz in Walla Walla!

By this time, we were starving, and we anxiously went inside.

A good part of the menu was on the blackboard.

The whacking area where we decided to eat, over by the windows.

Luʻau Pig Sammich and Hawaiian kine Tilapia. But eh. I see Tilapia and I think of Ala Wai Canal… and I never eat it. I know it’s not from there, but the image remains.

And ‘way kewl, a tribute to Eddie Aikau.

Honu up on da wall.

And kewl da kine foa shuga and stuffs. Eh. All I do is go insai one local kine place and da pidgin jass comes naturally.

Looking ova towards da ordering counta from wea we stay sitting.

Nolemana’s plate. He wen orda da teriyaki chicken and da kal bi.

Me too. I wen whack mines.

I love dese napkin holdahs.

Ova in da cornah get dese quiet place foa read oa walaʻau wit friends oa watevahs.

Get Hawaiian quilted pillows, too. I love dis heliconia pattern.

Da whole place was filled wit all kine local decor.

We were really happy that weʻd stopped there for a very late lunch. But we needed to get back on the road so headed out of town, TryLook leading the way.

I had Nolemana take a photo of this building.

Ummm…. why, Mokihana, you might ask.

Well, because try look the fire escapes and the pattern they make on the outside of the building, ʻas why! It just looked really interesting to me. Just look at the zig-zaggy effect of light and shadows on the side of the building!

Close up, they look neat too, but Iʻm very happy that I donʻt have to climb up or down them!

Hereʻs the railroad car at the Depot Grill where Nolemana and I ate on our way up to get Kukui. So much fun that night!

So we left Walla Walla. It was now just after 5 p.m.; much later than weʻd hoped, but the stop at Teriyaki Grill was better than eating fast food in the car.

So this is how far weʻve come in todayʻs post. Weʻre nowhere near our destination and itʻs already past 5 p.m., but no matter. Weʻre gonna see some lovely sights next time!


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3 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Part Two

  1. RONW says:

    walla walla is where they grow onions I think. “Hawaiian kine Tilapia,” I almost gagged must be from the Ala Wai.

  2. AFK says:

    Tanks fo mo pipi pix!

    I think dat cloud looks like one shark. Or one seal on its back wit one flippah in da air.

    I love your description of the “whacking area.” Non-pidgin speakers would interpret this completely differently. And dat kaukau looks so ono, I would whack ’em too.

    RONW is right – Walla Wallas = Maui onions, sweet kine.

  3. Izzie Kikue says:

    I’m on travel now, the last holo holo for 2012. It feels like I’ve been away from home more than being there this spring/ summer. So, I may be sluggish keeping up with your entries here. I

    I am traveling through a lot of hills, mountains and valleys, and every single time I pass over and through, I always think about you. I love your photos, so please keep it going!

    Yes! I love the aerial view of the Two Sisters! How interesting! I always imagine what the face of our earth went through in the distant past and over the course of thousands of years to wear down, or rather, sculpture something as big as a mountain. To me, it is jaw dropping! Thank you for including the “side order” diagrams!

    WOW! Hawaiian kine grindz in Walla Walla! And what a cool place too! It is obvious that the owners wanted to express the ‘local-style’ and succeeded by all the little details. What a gold mine of a find! How good fun and mega treat that must have been for you! LOL I can just imagine.

    You know, I would LOVE to go on a mini-trip with you guys. It would be such a wonderful experience! Maybe one time I go tag along. 😉

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