Holoholo Ka’a to Amity

Ho, da long time, yeah? I bet nobody stay ova hea anymoa! But in case u stay, hea goes.

My myrtlewood spinning wheel flyer needed some repair, so after contacting the best woodworker around who restores spinning wheels and builds parts for them, I headed down to Amity, Oregon, one sunny morning. The drive down I-5 to the Brooks exit was pretty uneventful, so I took no photos. Aside from the fact that I don’t take photos while I’m driving.

I actually made two trips over the course of three days due to a scheduling mishap. So that made for four ferry rides in that time, which I didn’t mind a bit!

The roads I took eventually took me over the Wheatland Ferry. I’ll take a ferry any day! This is the the first sign I saw for it after getting off the freeway.

Everything was so green and beautiful.

Know what these are? They’re hops vines. Hops is a really big crop in this part of the Willamette Valley.

And here’s the turnoff for the ferry.

I’ve only been on the Wheatland Ferry coming from the opposite direction, so it was fun seeing it from this side.

The ferry is just past this bridge.

I arrived just as the ferry was approaching from the other side. As you can see, it’s not going to be a long ride. But a ferry is a ferry, and I’m all for riding on it.

View of the Willamette River looking makai from my car.

The ferry has docked, the light is green, and on we go.

On this trip, there were only two cars on the ferry.

Since there were only two of us, we used the middle lane, so it was hard for me to get good photos from inside my car.

View of the Willamette River looking mauka.

Ho da nani, yeah?

Two cars were waiting for the ferry on the other side.

Oops! Make that three. Well, two cars and a pickup.

After leaving the ferry (it’s $2.00 a ride), I headed out into the hills near Amity.

This is a lovely park at an intersection I came to. Maud Williamson State Recreation Site.

This is the incredible view looking mauka from the hill on my way.

Another view shot.

Leaving the wheelwright’s hale the first time, I saw this cool old tree.

I love the gnarled old trunk.

How da rich folks live, right down the road. I looked it up later and this house was listed for over a million dollars.

The view heading back down the hill again.

Oregon is so beautiful!!

Somewhere out there is Mt Hood.

This church, Hopewell Community Church, is perched in a lovely spot up on a hill.

And here I am, back at the ferry again!

And across the river we go again!

Back on the road again, I saw what I think is an osprey’s nest.

I leave you this time with a short video of my second trip back across the Willamette. More next time!

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5 Responses to Holoholo Ka’a to Amity

  1. RONW says:

    a nice boat ride, indeed.

  2. Julie says:

    ho da nani!!!!

  3. Babooze says:

    Nice pictures Moki.m/

  4. Rowena says:

    If we were to move back to the states I think I would definitely put Oregon at the top of the list. It just seems like such a laid back place, and then I wouldn’t be too far from my son and sister in Seattle. The husband still votes for Hawaii though…he continues to use the pidgin that he picked up from me, but the accent isn’t disappearing any time soon.

  5. Hey lady :-}
    I am still working on the Mildred afghan pattern :-}
    But I got sidelined because we are moving! To a 100% accessible apartment! Next week!!!!
    (yes, I am excited, ow could you tell? LOL )

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