Da Tour de Fleece, Day Chree

Day Three. It was a really hard day for me because it was the anniversary of my mom’s death, and this year it was hitting me particularly hard. It was like I was experiencing the desperation to get down to California to say goodbye all over again, yet knowing that I didn’t make it. So I was more tense as I was spinning, and I can’t say that it went all that well. I was crying and spinning at the same time.

And yet, spinning was a good thing for me to do. There’s something wonderful about being able to create beauty in the midst of sadness. My friend Linda always suggests that when I’m having a hard day to find something nurturing to do, something that will touch me in those deep places where I’m hurting so bad. As my spinning progressed, I knew once again that she was right. I began to relax and was able to take a measure of joy in what I was creating.

Like this:

And this:

The white wicker chair is my favorite spinning chair. It used to sit in my mom’s bedroom draped with a pastel shawl that I’d knit for her. I like that I’m using it to create beauty, because my mom instilled in me a love for nature and its glories.

Here is the collage that I created for Day Chree:

I was so excited that my red hibiscus was blooming that day. We used to have a large red bush right outside our kitchen in Mānoa Valley, and the flower reminded me of home.

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1 Response to Da Tour de Fleece, Day Chree

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    Myriads emotions are felt by we humans. Alone or by combinations. Various amounts of positive and negative emotions are often triggered by the things that had happened in our pasts. Those moods become a part of our energy and most definitely can be transferred onto inanimate objects, such as the wool you spin.

    It is interesting to know that as you create you are also setting the mood for whatever it is that you create. Most of the time it will go unnoticed by anyone else, but then again, there are some people who are very sensitive to energy, or vibration, and they are able to pick up on the very mood and emotions of the object’s creators during the time of creation.

    A lot of the people aren’t as sensitive to even notice such details which come to us through a dimension we know so little about, yet they are able to feel, or sense the moods set within the creation by its creator. This is why, when you look at art, may it be beautiful or dreadful, sometimes it hits your very core and moves you. Whether you are aware of it or not you are experiencing the transference of the mood of the artist; the very energy that had created the object, or art piece. Yes, you’re actually picking up on that detail within the creation itself.

    There are some individuals, who understand this process as a science and have become great assets to law enforcement where they are able to sort out the energy transferred to objects by previous owners, and by doing so are able to help law enforcement agents solve crimes.

    Anyway, I share all of that to help you become aware that what you feel during the time of creating objects you are also translating into the objects you create through various wavelengths of energy, or vibrations. What you project is what people will receive from the object you create.

    I have been sensitive to these other aspects of human dimensions ever since my childhood and is the reason why I prefer handmade art and crafts over mass produced items by technology’s doing. There is a certain “spirit” locked within handmade human created treasures as opposed to what is done without spirit.

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