Decisions, Decisions…And Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Twenty-Eight

K’den. Should I post about our trip to daboonies or continue with da Mystery Road Trip Revealed? Mo bettah I think stay on track. It’s hard to believe that this trip started a year ago almost to the day. We left home October 4, 2009! First I did Da Mystery Road Trip on this blog, then started all over again revealing where we’d been. Ho, how time flies. A year ago today we were just getting home from that amazing trip.

But here and now, on da bloggie, we’re still in Idaho. Let’s continue!

We were now thirteen miles from Twin Falls, and this was our old stomping grounds.

These are fields of sugar beets, which are grown for… guess what? Sugar! Our farmer friends grow a lot of sugar beets, and about this time of year, they dig them up, and take them to the beet dump. No, not like a city dump. They’re where the beets are weighed and made ready for transport. One year, when our kids were young, we vacationed with our friends and got to participate in the hard work of digging beets.

As the beets are dug (mechanically), the beet truck follows along next to the beet digger, slowly, and the beets are loaded into the beet truck. Then off that truck goes to the dump. Our girls absolutely loved going to the beet dump. Nolemana drove the beet truck to the dump, and I drove one back to the farm. What an interesting experience that was! I could drive a stick shift with no problem, but this truck had to be double clutched! I didn’t strip any gears, though, and had a ball driving it.

This sign says, “Twin Falls – next 2 exits”. We’re getting close!

Three miles to Twin; those are the South Hills in the distance, where one year Nolemana and I drove to get our Christmas tree.

Now we’re about two miles from Twin Falls. It felt so wonderful to be so close to “home” again.

This is the Shoshone Falls turnoff. More about them later.

Vinyard Road overpass coming up.

Closer and closer we got to Twin!

When Nolemana and I first moved to Idaho, we’d only been married for a year. Nolemana was in the National Guard, and his company, concerned that he was going to get called up and sent to Vietnam, so they decided to send us to Idaho where those chances were supposedly less.

Without any basis at all for my visions, I envisioned Idaho as being green and wonderful, full of waterfalls and lakes. Wrong. True, some parts of Idaho are gorgeously like that, but Twin Falls is in the middle of the southern Idaho desert.


Coming from Hawai‘i, I must admit that I felt pretty disillusioned. We moved up in the middle of January one year, driving all across the Nevada desert to Wells, Nevada, then running into a snowstorm so bad that we had to follow a snowplow in order to make it up to Twin Falls. What did we know from snow? Nolemana was from Southern California and I was from Hawai‘i! We had no studded tires or anything! But with our parakeet, Manu, bravely chirping away in the back seat, we continued on. But that’s a whole nother story, and I digress. As usual.

We were now at the junction of Interstate 84 and Highway 93. We’d gone North on Highway 93 seems like a million times up to Sun Valley and beyond when we lived here. We loved driving up into the Wood River Valley, through Ketchum and Sun Valley, and on to Redfish Lake in the Challis National Forest. That’s where I found the green!

Here’s the junction. Twin Falls and Wells, Nevada, to the South, and North to Sun Valley.

I looked out the window… oh no!!!!! We wen lose da spinnah!!!

Ho, I felt so sad about that! That spinner had traveled with us all the way from home, through rain and snow and sun… and now it had finally blown off the antenna. It’s probably still lying somewhere in the Idaho desert. Ho da junk, yeah?

We are now almost to Perrine Bridge and the Snake River Canyon. Yep, the very one that Evil Knievel tried to jump over in 1974. When we lived in Twin Falls, the old bridge was still there, but it was replaced in the 70’s. Today, you can base jump off it without a permit. The bridge is 1500′ long, and really spectacular. And now, we were almost there! Not gonna base jump, however.

Here’s a better view of the South Hills. And the desert.

Getting closer to Perrine Bridge.

Here you can see the canyon coming up.

When we lived in Twin, and were much younger than we are now, we’d hike down into the canyon to go fishing. Going down wasn’t too bad, but oh my gosh, the climb back up was really difficult. Usually it was hot, too, and yet we’d do it over and over again. I can’t remember if we caught any fish, but we loved the hike.

Down there is the Blue Lakes Country Club. We never went there!

You can really see the magnificence of the Snake River Canyon in this shot as we’re crossing Perrine Bridge.

And there’s the river down below, too.

Golf course, river, and sheer canyon walls. What a combination!

The highway now becomes Blue Lakes Boulevard, one of the main roads running through Twin Falls.

Here is the intersection for Pole Line Road, which is the road our friends live on. But because of construction on Rock Creek Bridge, we had to take the long way around all the way through town in order to get there. TryLook was not pleased.

You might ask why we’d take photos of Blue Lakes Boulevard and Target, etc. Go ahead! Ask! Okay, I’ll tell you. Before we moved to Twin Falls, Nolemana was Assistant Manager for a Kinney Shoe Store. Remember them? And when we moved to Twin, he was promoted to Manager of his own store, which was located along here. But oh my gosh, it’s changed so much since we were there (even since we’d made a trip there around 1994 +/- to go visit the same friends we were going to visit now), and we were trying to find exactly where the store was located!

Shoots. It’s gotta be here someplace! Where’s Buttrey’s? Where’s the Conoco station? Everything has disappeared!

We came to Addison Avenue where we’ll turn west to go around town. Addison Avenue has special memories for us, because it was along this street in a big snowstorm that Nolemana drove me to the hospital when our first daughter Leilani was born.

We passed the Dunes Motel, which is where Nolemana and I stayed for about a week when we first moved here until we found our little house to rent. I was amazed that the motel was still here.

We took several photos of Magic Valley Memorial Hospital just for sentimentality sake, so we could show Leilani photos of where she was born.

Fields getting ready for winter on the way out of town past the hospital.

Dry cornstalks. When we lived here the corn that was grown here was mostly field corn.

And oh my gosh!!! There’s our friends’ farm!! They moved in here after Gerald’s folks passed away. We used to spend summer vacations with them, and the memories we have of this entire family are sweet to da max. I started to cry…

Betcha don’t know what that dirt mound da kine is! When we first moved to Idaho, neither did we. It’s a spud cellar! Cool and dark, it’s a perfect place to store spuds (potatoes) for the winter. You see them all over Twin Falls.

There’s the house and the barn. I was crying with joy at the thought of seeing our dear friends again.

Beckie and Gerald have done considerable remodeling to the house, and from the road, it looked beautiful!

I can’t even count the number of times we have pulled into this same driveway. When Gerald’s folks lived here, they had cattle, so there was a high haystack, where our kids and Beckie and Gerald’s kids would climb to the top with books and read to each other. We drank fresh milk… we’ve never forgotten how good that milk tasted! Gerald’s mom usually skimmed off the cream, but sometimes we got lucky and got it too.

We’d help with farm stuff and housework so that we weren’t a burden to those incredible people who opened their home to us. We had wonderful meals around the table, laughing and talking, and somehow we never tired of each others’ company. And now, here we were back again, getting to spend the night and some cherished hours with friends we’ve known for almost a lifetime.

The cows are gone now, but the warmth of our friendship was still there, and I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and begin a visit that we knew would be wonderful but all too brief.

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2 Responses to Decisions, Decisions…And Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Twenty-Eight

  1. AFK says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you moved from Hawai`i straight to Idaho. That must’ve been SOME adjustment. I know my first winter away from home was a rude awakening.

    No mo’ pipi – ho da sad.

  2. Clare says:

    I get wai maka reading your memories. So nani.

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