K’den. Da next entry foa da road trip stay taking long time cuz I trying foa organize photos between chree different memory cards! In da meantime, get dis:

Outside my window…’s dark but I hear my dove cooing.

I am thinking……that eh, gonna rite da rest of dis in pidgin.

I am thankful for…… ‘ohana.

I am wearing……grey pants and one t-shirt dat says, “Aloha Happens”.

I am remembering……da mango mochi I jass wen eat.

I am going…….to holoholo ka‘ wit Julie tomorrow and go blueberry picking. Dollah a pound!

I am reading… “Woven on da Wind”, stories of wāhine living on ranches out in da lonesome valleys.

I am hoping…all my hard work pays off.

On my mind……..all kine stuff.

Noticing that……it’s taking me one todally long time foa update da road trip cuz da photos stay on chree different memory cards.

From the kitchen…….more mango mochi ice cream.

Around the house……get too much dust.

One of my favorite things……is blogging.

I am listening to……….Led Ka‘apana and Bob Brozman do their four-hand guitar magic.

I hate it when…….I no lose weight when I stay trying so hard. Except foa da one mango mochi.

REMEMBER WHEN…….we used to go barefoot to school?

IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES……I will be sad cuz I no stay pau living yet!

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2 Responses to Daybook

  1. Lika says:

    0// *L*

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    O.O Ai yah! What this ‘instant’ kind writing LOL Yeah, I know… take two tylenol and come back when inspiration hits you again! LOL 😉

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