Outside my window… the sun is shining, and I’m watching birds coming to the feeders, and Oregon Big-Leaf Maple leaves dancing in the breeze.

I am thinking… that I wish I were back home in da ‘āina with Kikue right now.

I am thankful for… the sunshine, my friends, my veggie garden, and my new dishwasher.

I am wearing… puka shorts and a t-shirt that says, “If can, can; if no can, no can”.

I am remembering… what it was like having the privilege of growing up in Hawai‘i nei.

I am going… to try and get a photo or two or three of the elusive Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly who keeps flying away before I can get more photos.

I am reading… about five wonderful books. One at the gym, one in the car (on CD), one next to the bed, and one in the living room. Oh, I guess that’s four, not five.

I am hoping… that my mango chutney comes out okay. Mom is not here anymore to tell me exactly how to do it.

On my mind… just stuff…

Noticing that… I really should be working.

From the kitchen… grilled swordfish and salad.

Around the house… is too much clutter.

One of my favourite things… is sitting out on the deck enjoying the view.

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2 Responses to Daybook

  1. Lika says:

    0// [kakaroached…. LOL]

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    I like to think what if you were with me when in Hawaii together, yeah? Hmmm, hows about HORSEBACK riding on the beach!!!??!!! 😀

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