‘Ono For Maui Pineapple

A couple of weeks ago I stopped in at my neighborhood New Seasons grocery store. Well, food and all kine da kine, too. Walking through the produce aisle, something gold caught my eye. No, it wasn’t 14 karat anykine, but to me it was moa bettah.

Guess wat was?

Yep! Straight from Maui! Grown in Maui soil! Oh, I know, I know. It was probably gassed or sprayed or somehow made okay for the mainland, but to me, it was still a Maui pineapple. So I brought it home.

And wen whack da buggah! Ho, da ‘ono!!

Epilogue: Someone who going remain nameless wen ask me if I wen sprinko da pineapple wit li hing powdah. Absolutely I wen do dat!

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5 Responses to ‘Ono For Maui Pineapple

  1. Kalena says:

    oh Mokihana………….better than gold!………I’m drooling:)

  2. Kim says:

    Yum. Though I am not such a big fan of the li hing. BUT it does bring back memories of HI more than any other taste. I think the air is saturated with li hing ; )

  3. Kikue Mugen says:


  4. AFK says:

    Oh, fresh pineapple with li hing – BROK’ DA MOUT’ ONO!

  5. Lika says:

    Da best fresh pineapple I ever ate was in da middle of da pineapple field. When I picked fresh fruit da luna use to pick one and slice’um up for us. Sooo ono. Maybe cause us was all tired and needed the energy fo’hanahana.

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