Goats in da Road, Part Two

Kikue said she was surprised that I hadn’t posted photos of goats in da road. I didn’t have my camera with me that day, but suddenly I remembered that I’d snapped off a quick shot with my cell phone!

So for you, Kikue… mahalo foa da remindah! This is just down da road from our hale. Life in da country… I love it!

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5 Responses to Goats in da Road, Part Two

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    OH! Mahalo for the photo! And I’m glad you took the pic because it is soooo country and almost like a post card! All that is missing are the chickens in the yard! LOL Actually, this is adorable! 😀

  2. Clare says:

    Love it! Makes me want to move.

  3. Kalena says:

    we get deer in the road:) Life in the country is great!

  4. AFK says:

    Unexpected animal sightings are always fun.

  5. paula says:

    Goats in da road, Goats in da road, no can go with goats in da road! (sung to pants on the ground) hahahehehhhooooo foa sure dat goat no can. Moki here we get, pig in da road, pig in da road, scratching his okole, dem, pigs in da road! You can check em on my facebook page. You on da book?

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