Da Kine Saturday

Today is da kine Saturday. Litto bit dis, litto bit dat.

Da odda day I wen go see my friend Dee pau grief class; she and her hubby own dis awesome used book stoa in Clackamas. And wat I wen see up on da counter? Lychee! Dee get dis customer who brings her all kine goodies lidat. When I wen tell her, “Wow laulau, lychee!” Dee wen give me dem cuz she get choke moa at home. Had four, but I wen whack one.

Small kid time, Mr Zane from our neighborhood in Mānoa Valley used to bring us bambucha bags of lychee from his yard. Us keeds would eatum up wikiwiki! Only get four dis time, but da flavor wen remind me of Mr Zane and his generosity.

I wen take dese chree photos in da birdbath fountain outsai my office; den no could wait nomo and I wen eat up dese lychee!

Ho da hot hea lately! I wen get dis idea from one wahine on Ravelry. Da lettuce no stay ready foa eat yet and da barrel stay too heavy foa move, so we wen put one umbrella ova foa protect it from da hot, hot sun!

Shaka, yeah?

Undaneat da umbrella, da lettuce nomo da hot sun blasting ontop it.

Stay coming along reeyo great! I tink I going use one leaf foa my sammich tonite!

Da melemele Angel’s Trumpet wen open.

And so did da Rudbeckia!

And I wen pau anodda sock.

Opal Rainforest, Parrot Colorway.

K’den. Pau da kine. I going go harvest litto bit lettuce now.

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6 Responses to Da Kine Saturday

  1. Kim says:

    Oh those fresh lychee…I always associate them here with dog agility trials, someone in our agility club has a tree and brings ’em to the summer trials. Fresh lychee and Zippy’s bentos…the agility trial staples. I love the fresh, but the canned aren’t all that good. I’m cheered by the fact that they might be occasionally found on the mainland. I’m moving to a very Vietnamese neighborhood…hoping for some tropical fruits in my nearby markets.

  2. Yum! Even with my citric acid allergy, i can have fresh lychee! we even have a michigan store that carries them.

    your rudbeckia looks like echinacia! probably cousins :-}

  3. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, WHERE did you get that umbrella? My favorite crazy Aunty has a thing for umbrellas, and she wants an umbrella with ducks on them. I’ve been searching sporadically for a ducky umbrella FOR YEARS!

    Shading your keiki lettuce wit da umbrella is a brilliant idea. Da pua soooo nani.

  4. Lika says:

    wow long time I neva eat lychee. One time I found some at da oriental store and took it to work and all da haole ladies…went eeeewwwll it looks like eyeballs. I was like shuddup eatable ono eyeballs. LOL

  5. RONW says:

    lychees I like also dried in it’s own shell. Nice use of the umbrella.

  6. Kikue Mugen says:

    I love all the pictures as usual. Yes and the lychee looks so swollen it’s going to bust! Yum!

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