Roxy’s Broke Da Mout’!

So last Saturday my friends and I stay going da kahakai foa one retreat; so of course da chree of us riding togedda had foa stop by Roxy’s, da new Hawaiian cafe in Beaverton. Actually, my two friends neva get chance, cuz I stay da drivah! But one of dem wen stay Lahaina foa a couple of years, and da odda one loves Hawaiian kine stuffs. So wasn’t like I stay dragging dem kicking and screaming ova dea!

Mahalo to GoogleMaps’ street view, I knew Roxy’s stay one triangle kine building, and we wen get dea easy kine. Dis one side eye view.

Insai we wen get greeted by two friendly kane all ready foa cook foa us. Ho, get so many ‘ono kine grindz was hahd foa choose wat we like get!

Hmmm. On Yelp I wen hear about da teriyaki burger to die foa, but I no stay dat hungry. But one of my friends wen ordah dat. So I still had foa try choose wat I like get.

I wen decide on da kalbi chicken like my friend, den we wen go sit down at da table on da right ova dea.

Wit Hawaiian mele playing in da background, we wen wait foa our grindz, which wen come wikiwiki!

Da teriyaki burgah:

Da chicken kalbi:

Dis wat da teri burgah looks like insai. My friend wen give us one taste, and ho da ‘ono! Da next time, dis wat I going ordah!

Da mac salad was da best I eva wen taste! Da chicken stay cooked to perfection, da rice get just da right amount of sticky.

Fast, friendly service. Broke da mout’ grindz. Good location. Great prices.

I tell u folks, local kine grindz no get bettah den dis! I geev um 10 shakas!

We wen leave so full and hau‘oli. Den we wen head out to da kahakai foa four days of relaxation. We stay so glad we wen stop hea on da way; was da bestest start to our day!

Ho, sound like one review, yeah?

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3 Responses to Roxy’s Broke Da Mout’!

  1. AFK says:

    Ho da guuud u wen find one schmall-kine spot of home so close to you. Wow, ono da grindz look. Good ting lunchtime not too long from now. Tanks Moki-chan!

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy! Oh how I only WISH we had a place like that out where I’m at. But I’m glad that you have and can share it with your friends too 🙂 Great pictures, btw 🙂

  3. Lika says:

    OH how oooooonooooooo!

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