Knitting Update

I haven’t posted photos of some of my knitting projects for awhile now, and thought it was time I did. Seems like anytime I have any free time at all, like waiting for tire rotation at Les Schwab, or at the doctor’s office, or at The Gathering or home church or wherever, I’m always knitting. Sometimes I even finish stuff!

For my very special friend, Linda, I knit this short row scarf for her for Christmas.
New York Yarns “Gypsy”.

So Leilani and Anela requested handwarmers for Christmas; this is where Mokihana learned how to knit thumbs! I think I should get extra credit to da max for working with black yarn! Plymouth “Cloud 9” yarn.

Here is Anela’s pair: she loves to travel!

And Leilani, so casual and sedate, yeah?

Don’t even ask where she gets her koloheness from!
This is her hubby, Dick.

And his Pittsburg Steelers hat! I’m not totally happy with it so I’m gonna knit him another one.

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2 Responses to Knitting Update

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    The patterns on the scarf is really neat! Of course you do great stuff all the time!

  2. AFK says:

    Too good, Moki-chan! Knit on, sistah!

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