Broke Da Mout’ Pork Chops Part Two

K’den. AFK wen request photos foa da pork chops; we jass had ’em lass week, but like I wen tell u folks, we love dem so tonite we stay having dem again.

Da very first ting u do is start one CD playing in da iPod da kine. Let da music fill da kitchen; listen to Willie K singing “Hula O Makee” and smile as u hea dat kolohe buggah wit da voice of one angel.

Next, preheat da oven to 375 degrees.

K’den; next try get da pan u going use. If u get one lidis, den use um. See da pukas?

Get two parts to da pan:

Line da bottom part wit foil foa easy kine clean-up.

Now spray da top part wit Pam.

Now get some lemons. Ho da nani dese, yeah?

Next, go outsai and try look da nani sunset!

Come back insai. Wea was I? Oh yeah, da lemons.

Slice up one big lemon foa two pork chops; if u stay making moa, den slice one moa lemon oa howevah many u need. Kewl knife, yeah? Roy-chan, Nolemana’s papa-san, wen make it.

Get out da pork chops.

Put da chops ontop da pan, right ontop da pukas.

Den put da lemon slices ontop da pork chops.

Now get out da ketchup.

Pour plenny ketchup ontop da chops. No stay ‘au‘a (stingy) wit da ketchup. Cover up alla lemon slices.

Now put da pan insai da oven and set da timah for one hour, longer if da chops moa thick.

Now rinse yoa rice. Five times, no moa, no less.

Staht da rice cooker.

Now get ready wateva else u going have wit da pork chops and rice. Some kine veggies oa salad?

One hour latah, take da chops outa da oven. Ho da ono lookin’!

Try look! Stay pau da rice, too!

Stay small kine blurry (hahd foa Nolemana take photos when he stay salivating so bad!) Dis shows how I hold onto da lemon, while scraping off da ketchup and squeezing da lemon foa alla juice.

See? Go slow, and try keep alla ketchup ontop da chop. (Ho, da wahine thinks she one poet anden!)

Once u pau hemo da lemon slices, smoosh da ketchup and lemon juice all ova da pork chop.

Now u get da pork chop, da rice, and da veggie. All ready foa whack.

And dis wat u end up wit pau whacking um!

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14 Responses to Broke Da Mout’ Pork Chops Part Two

  1. Jenny says:

    How come you had to show us da oven display and how to line da pan? Is dat for your Portagee readers? 😉

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    Oh yes! Broke Da Mout! You know, I loved the way you took time to take in the sunset. Bravo on that!

  3. paula says:

    Ono licious. I’ll give it a go!

  4. Jennifer B says:

    Very interesting. I’ll have to try. You asked about the words from the cup… I am trying to learn photoshop. I understand you can do a lot with “picnik” – a free service. I am not good with photoshop bu am trying.


  5. tita rita says:

    Ooooh, yum, an heah I sit wid no eat dinnah yet! I just droolin on da keyboard!! Dese look soooooo ONO. I not like catsup so much, but cook everthin with lemons from da tree in back… or squeeze da juice and freeze yellow ice cubes foa wen da tree no got lemons.

    Yummmmmm … now gotta go fin sumtin to eat!!!!!

    Tita Rita

  6. Lika says:

    HON Make me plate!

  7. Babooze says:

    AN whea is mine? Like Lika i stay hungri now. Love da pitcahs an one two tree steps. Mahalo Moki.

  8. Lovena says:

    Wow! Ho da ono kine! An so easy for make anden!! Mahalo foa posting dis!

  9. AFK says:

    Wow, laulau, tanks Moki-chan! I stay all drooling ovah da keybohd! I goin’ try dat recipe, garans-balbarans.

  10. AFK says:

    Eh, Moki-chan, we had da pohk chops las’ night! Brok’ da mout! Was da firs’ time, but not goin’ be da las’!

  11. I juss wan foa say mahalo again…I making dese foa da second time….oh so ono!!

  12. yarnpaws says:

    Ho…I neva seen dis kine recipe befo’ but look ONO! I going try ’em! I jealous of da rice warmer/cookah…das da same one (same flower design and brand!) as my madda’s. High class kine, dat rice cookah…

  13. yarnpaws says:

    update: I wen make ’em and ho wow lau lau- O. N. O!

    I made planny. Bought one family pack pork chops from Winco cause was cheap ($1.29 /pound!) and had to use 2 jelly roll pans fo’ cook ’em all da same time. Neva have the puka pan ting, so I jus’ line ’em wit foil, spray little bit olive oil, and den when line ’em with thick slices of red onion. I wen broil ’em at da end little bit because I wanted da ketchup fo’ be little bit koge.

    Ho…not even kidding, I was drooling!

    Da pork chops wasn’t fatty, so mostly what was left in da pan was juices so I wen mix ’em w/ da onions, ketchup, an’ lemon juice…hooooo…so ono ovah rice! Ono, ono, ono… how ono? Like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine ono (now dat’s ono!).

    I get home lunch in my freezah now for two weeks! Thanks!

    Oh- and I wen try da crockpot chicken adobo from Ravelry. Taste ono, but I tink 6 hours fo’ chicken was too long. Next time I going do ’em fo’ 4.

  14. Clare says:

    Try wait! I get da sunset paht, but wea stay da “sampo da rum” (or beeya or wine) step? Wot kine recipe is dat no moa alcohol for “tenderize” da meat? 😉
    Kidding, looks ono & my E will love da ketchup!

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