Trip to California, Chaptah Twelve

Back on da road again. By dis time was starting to get dark, and Musubi stay hungry. But we still had some ways to go befoa we going stop foa da nite in Ashland. As in OREGON!

Dis was near Anderson, California.

See how dark stay coming? Dis also near Anderson, and we stay almost to Lake Shasta.

Dea Lake Shasta.

Ho, so low da lake!

Da lake even moa low den when Leilani and I wen go by hea in July.

Dis one big lake; I wonda wat it’s like when get plenny watah.

We wen climb further up into da mountains, but still next to da lake.

Try look how dang dry da lake stay!

And also see how much less dark it is without da mountain on da makai side of da road!

We stay used to Oregon’s lakes… not dis kine dryness.

Try look!!! Da first sign foa Portland!! Dis kane I know at da gym wen tell me dat Dunsmuir get dis fabulous old steam locomotive dea… and u know how much I love trains. But he neva wen tell me dat till aftah we wen get back home!

Up we wen climb into da mountains.

Was getting kinda dark foa take photos, but I wanted dis one of dis place called Castle Crags.

OMG! Our first Oregon license plate sighting in 10 days!

Nani sunset.

Almost to Shasta City wea we going eat!

Finally! We wen get to Black Bear Diner in Shasta City! By dis time we stay so tired of driving; ready foa grind!

Was interesting to think dat just a week befoa, our girls and son in law wen stop at dis very same place foa grind.

Pau grind, was much too dark foa take anymoa photos. So come back foa Chaptah Thirteen; going start wit our leaving Ashland and arriving at home!

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8 Responses to Trip to California, Chaptah Twelve

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey, you signed up to win a free copy of Love STarts With Elle. Please email me your address to rachelhauck at


    The pictures are gorgeous!


  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    Wowee! You guys certainly covered a lot of ground, but the LAKE! Auwe! How low was that? Just like the lakes in GA during our drought. Well, I for one glad you made it home safe and sound. And the pictures are much appreciated 😀

  3. Jenny says:

    Stunning photos, as usual. Makes me feel peaceful looking at them.

    And, yeah, after you’ve been away from home for a while, it’s nice to return and see your local license plates!

  4. Stephanie says:

    mmmm – Black Bear Diner!!! We always stop there on our way home to Oregon … is OUR border crossing!!

  5. Debra says:

    I loved the photos. I’m not used to mountains. I loved the lake pictues too.
    What is the plant in your avatar picture?
    Love, Debra

  6. Lea says:

    Wow Mokihana…
    What fun you have! I’ll meet you back here for chapter 12.
    Stop by the shed later as I’ll have something for you!!

  7. AFK says:

    I know what it’s like to long for da green aftah going to dry Kaleponi. Too good, da pitchas, Moki-chan.

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