Onaona Ka Pua

I survived da day. And now, sitting here at my computer, da onaona perfume of da Night-Blooming Jasmine outside my window wafts in. I could get drunk on dis fragrance. Can hardly stand it, it’s so wonderful. Not da same as pikake, but eh, u know wat? Has its own amazing scent. Everytime a breeze sends more fragrance in, I stop. Inhale it like I’m dying of thirst. Nice end to a difficult day, yeah?

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2 Responses to Onaona Ka Pua

  1. Yeah, I love the smell of flowers through a window.
    When you drive along the back roads of Michigan with your windows down, you can smell the bush honeysuckle in the spring.
    The lilacs, a bit later, then the roses.

  2. George aka Babooze says:

    This is almost like being home on a nice warm evening back in the islands as the breeze get s cooler and it wafs in the smell of Plumeria’s, Pikake or tuberose. It is those smells that we all took for granted as we grew up and now miss since we have moved away. I can only do this every three years now but it is so nice to know that I can still do this along with Jutta to share it with. That makes it even more special. m/ Thanks for reminding us Moki.

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