Da nani hibiscus Nolemana wen buy foa me on Maddah’s Day:

Da hibiscus:

Da calla lily:

Da marigold:

One pua adunno da name of:

One tomato blossom:

And oh yeah. Da hibiscus. Heh heh.

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7 Responses to Melemele

  1. Jenny says:

    Just beautiful! The petals on da hibiscus are so delicate and textured looking — reminds me of crepe paper.

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    Beautiful as ever, my dear sister! I so wish I could borrow your green thumb and make something out of my property. Eh, you like come my hale? *winks*

  3. Napua says:

    da hibiscus is perfect!!

  4. AFK says:

    Thanks for another beautiful blog entry! Love dose pitchas!

  5. clare says:

    So nani all of your pua! I’m so jealous of your Hibiscus; I’d never be able to keep one alive.

  6. pehea 'oe? says:

    excellent blooms. I really like your hibiscus. Mine is having some problems. It was sick when I brought it home. I thought I could save it, but I don’t know. It’s trying to make more blooms. Only time will tell if it will make it.

  7. Rita says:

    That calla lilly is amazing!

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