Rainier, Oregon, Part Two

We left the highway and soon found ourselves out in daboonies. I love doing appraisals in the country, because I never know what will show up around the next bend.


And dis:

And dis:

We saw a wonderful old barn:

I really am a backroads kinda wahine.

Across the way, we saw an old barn and a lovely creek. I thought, what a wonderful place for a homestead.

Close-up of the barn…

…and the old homestead. As always, I wondered who had lived there. Sometimes when we’re in places like this together, Julie and I make up stories about the people we imagine could have decided to make this place their home. Maybe I will write a story about these people sometime!

We crossed over the creek.

There were still remains of snow on the ground as we climbed the hill.

We were right next to the creek again, which was zig-zagging its way along the roadside.

Nolemana took some photos with his new camera.

And more with mine.

This old house made me sad. I wondered again what it’s history was.

We saw more snow; I have no idea what the altitude was here, but it was pretty wooded, which is probably why the snow stuck around.

Part Two ends with this photo of an old bulldozer; I am always on the lookout for unusual things to photograph, and this certainly qualifies. I absolutely love this photo!

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4 Responses to Rainier, Oregon, Part Two

  1. Kim says:

    These scenes remind me of the rural Virginia area I grew up in! My only experience of the Pacific Northwest (beyond Mendocino County, CA) is Portland. I love the interplays of grey, green and browns in these pix!

  2. Napua says:

    Wow! Love da pictures of da creek, but da barn look scary kine!!

  3. rowena says:

    All I’m imagining are these old properties filled with sheep, llamas and goats. Home, home on da range….where da dee-ah and da antelope play…where seldom is heard one discouraging word and da skies are not cloudy all day. 😉

  4. you sistah says:

    Dear Moki,

    Great pictures; I have decided to take these one at a time and enjoy them all.
    Love, Ninxie

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