A Day At Da Refuge With Julie, Part Three

Julie and I took our time driving through the refuge. It was such a beautiful day, and such a peaceful place. We were free from the stresses of life, and had only to enjoy the beauty around us.

After experiencing the wonder of all the geese flying by, we didn’t know that just around another curve something fantastic was waiting for us.

We looked up into a leafless tree, and saw a juvenile Bald Eagle!!


I was so afraid he’d fly away, so started snapping photos like mad.


He just sat there, not afraid at all. If we hadn’t looked up, we would have missed him altogether. That’s the thing about driving in the refuge: gotta remember to look up, down, and sideways, because the wildlife is everywhere.



I drove a little closer, and the eagle still didn’t move. Like, what’s he got to be afraid of, really?


I took a couple of close-ups before we drove on. What a magnificent bird!


The swans were still there, some asleep with their heads under their wings, and others cruising the lake.


I wish I could’ve gotten closer, but this is my camera’s telephoto limit.


The swans talked to each other; I loved hearing them dialoging back and forth. ‘Ōlelo Swan [Swan language].


The drive was almost pau, and we neared a dry, grassy field and saw this coyote.


Trains go by regularly, and I seem to miss them each time. But this day we caught the end of one going by. I love trains! I’m reminded of part of a poem or song that says, “There isn’t a train I wouldn’t take no matter where it’s going.” I feel that way a lot!


Train through the teasel.


Julie got a great photo of the train next to the river.


We drove up to the wooden bridge just as the oil car went by.


And so ended a wonderful drive. I can only imagine what the refuge looks like when everything is green with leafed-out trees and grasses. But I get to find out – because we’ll be going back in just a couple of months!

Thanks for riding along with Julie and me. I enjoyed your company!

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3 Responses to A Day At Da Refuge With Julie, Part Three

  1. Kim says:

    Wonderful pix; making me homesick for the mainland. I love all the teasel in Oregon! What a pretty day for a drive.

  2. rowena says:

    Incredible…that young eagle, what luck to see one so relatively close, and not behind bars or within a cage at a zoo. So does this mean that you’ll be making another visit when everything is all lush and green? 😉

  3. KT says:

    Oh, Mokihana, thank you so much for taking time to post photos & narrate the drive. Reminded me of the trip through the Washington National Rain forest with my sisters & niece. Like a different world & so beautiful…the peacefulness is rejuvenating.
    What a great gift for your friend, your time & your presence plus all the beauty. Prayers are with her & family.
    Need to catch up on the rest of your blog…been too busy for much but daily – so now you give me the present of beauty, too. Thanks!
    KT in VA

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