Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part Five

I think I’m gonna live. Last Wednesday I wasn’t sure. This is apparently some sort of respiratory flu that’s making it’s way around the Portland metro area. Though I’m still coughing, I feel okay enough to finish the saga. Imua!

This year John McKergow did our shearing; he brought his son over with him. John is another wonderful local shearer with a fabulous Australian accent, and he does a great job.

Here he is trimming Ku‘uipo’s feet while Como Se looks on. Yes, John trims feet, too! He doesn’t do nail polish, however. Heh heh.

Oh, the indignity of it all!

Poor Titus. He is not a happy boy at all.

I keep telling him he’s going to feel much better when the wool is all off. He is not impressed.

John did a wonderful job getting the fleece off in one piece; it’s amazing to see the contrast between the sun-exposed fleece and that from next to the skin.

He looks a bit miffed, but oh, so much more comfortable!

Now it’s Pat’s turn. Pat has lovely fleece, very soft and fine.

Pikake and Puakea wait patiently outside the barn and Ku‘uipo looks longingly at freedom.

Freedom at last! Everyone has gotten sheared! The llamas, who stayed in the barn to help keep the sheep calm, were the first ones out.

Next, the rest of the sheep pile out of the barn; Pikake and Puakea have to make sure the sheep are the same ones who they’re familiar with. Who knows… someone might have tried to pull a fast one!

The sheep mill around, uncertain where to go next. Should they make a run for it? Will cowboys on horses suddenly appear? Or those blasted Border Collies?

Pikake gets too close to Pat, and he butts her as if to say, “You stupidhead, of course I’m still the same sheep!”

Pikake checks Como Se out; Como Se is not happy about that!

She runs all around him, making sure she recognizes his scent.

Paul joins his llama friend, relieved to be out in the sunshine again.

Como Se is so relieved to be out in the sun again that he rolls in the grass!

Paul sticks to Como Se like glue; I’m not sure why he prefers llamas to sheep, but he does.

Best buds.

The sheep start up the hill, glad for freedom, while Pikake and Puakea stick right with them, so relieved to have their sheep back!

It’s now late afternoon, when the sheep, goats and llamas head for the forest to spend the night. No barn for them…. nope. Not even when it’s pouring rain.

The Hamajang Sheep Shearing Saga comes to a close as three friends walk up the hill to the forest. Everyone has been sheared. Everyone has freshly trimmed feet. We made it. Finally.

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8 Responses to Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part Five

  1. rowena says:

    What a great saga, although I am bummed that it’s all over. Had to laugh at the part – “Should they make a run for it? Will cowboys on horses suddenly appear? Or those blasted Border Collies?” – I can only imagine what musta been going through their heads.

    Okay, what’s next? 😉

  2. Meredith says:

    Thank you, Mokihana, for a wonderful adventure! I enjoyed it very, very much!

  3. sandy says:

    Thanks for the sheep shearing series. Boy, that is hard work!
    Really enjoyed the posts.


  4. AFK says:

    I wish more stories had an “And they all lived happily ever after” ending. Mahalo, Mokihana! I hope you feel 100% soon!

  5. Pehea 'Oe? says:

    that was awesome! I miss being around animals.

  6. Napua says:

    Ho, I LOVE DIS! Look so fun wit all yoah animales! 🙂 Ku’uipo is too kiuke.

    And one Llama? ho, my kids going be so J. I like come play w/ your Llama and sheep!! LOL

  7. bakopi5 says:

    Thank you for the excellent series. Looking forward to what’s next…


  8. jalna says:

    Loved dis!!! Your animals are so cute and FUNNY!!!

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