Onaona Ka Pua Melemele, Part Two

Caution: Full-On Pidgin!

Today, ka pua melemele wen open even more! And da fragrance is indescribable unless you wen smell it in person. I get wai maka everytime I go walk by it; is so hard for try describe how it makes me feel.

So hea wat it looks like today:

Dis thing now about 7′ tall!

See how nani?

I wish had some way to make perfume out of dis so dat I would always be able foa smell it!

Isn’t dis da most amazing ting!

And guess wat? Get anodda branch going bloom too!!

Dis is jass about da bestest Thanksgiving pressie I eva wen get!!

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11 Responses to Onaona Ka Pua Melemele, Part Two

  1. I wish I knew how to bottle it for you, I had a similar experience when I was homesick for Japan, though it didn’t smell as sweet as your ginger blooms, the scent of cow manure brought back the farmland where I grew up, and I walked past the place where I could smell it whenever I was headed for the mountain for a hike. NOT as sweet and ginger blossoms, but to me it was sweet.

  2. Jenny says:

    It makes me wai maka, too! Just beautiful … I wish I could smell it. How tall do you think it’ll grow?

  3. blueyecicle says:

    OMG it is LOVERLY!!!! Even the tiny green tendrils sprawling around hugging the flowers.
    It’s like a giant hug in a plant!

  4. Clare Bear says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaa! So nani! It’s obvious you give it a lot of love.

  5. Kikue Mugen says:

    I agree with Clare… You give it a lot of love and THAT is why you are so successful (green thumb).

  6. pehea 'oe? says:

    AMAZING! I want to smell it! I hope I can get my plumerias to bloom as nice as this.

  7. Julie says:

    oh my goodness….I wen spock dat nani pua at Mokihana’s hale

    hmmmmmmm was fabulous, both the fragrance and the flower itself

  8. Haumana says:

    Beautiful pix. I still live in Hawaii so I also can smell the sweet fragrance.

  9. Auntie Nancy says:

    Hano hano na pua melemele!
    e Mokihana, you could try go take da puas jahs wen dey stay fullest bloom,pinch off wheya dey stay attached to da branch, den poot as many you can in one small covered glass containah, wit jahs enuff vodka to cover. Den let um sit in one cool place out of direct sunlight fo bout one month.Wit any luck, dis would geev um wit one nani essence, which you could den strain and mix in one spray botto half an half wit filtered or distilled watah. Dis ho`ono hono`ho mikioi works for a friend of mine who makes oddah essences…worth one shot, yeah?
    ~Auntie Nancy

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  11. paauilogirl says:

    Oh WOW Moki so nani. I have plumeria but every year when I bring it back in the house for the winter I snap branches off of it because it just gets too big otherwise to be in my house. This is awesome!!

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