Onaona Ka Pua Melemele!

Caution: Full-on pidgin!

Da odda night we wen bring in alla da tropical plants from da lanai cuz was going get below freezing. So today, I stay looking at my kahili ginger plant. Ho, da bugga almost 6′ tall anden!! I had dis plant foa about chree years now, and even doe neva wen bloom, is okay, still reminds me of home.

So I stay admiring da nani green of da ginger and alla a sudden I wen look alla way up at da top. I wen blink. No could be!!! OMG!!! I almost wen shi shi my panties!!!

Try look!!!!


Dat was lass week. Today I wen come in da hale from being gone all day; and da minute I wen step chru da back door, I wen start sniffing. Wat dat was? I wen explore all ova in da kitchen, den wen go into da dining room winter solarium, looked up, and no could believe it again!

Standing there, I felt like I was back home. Da fragrance was overwhelming! I get so much wai maka dat I could hardly see chru my tears, because there, right in front of me, my kahili ginger wen start to bloom!

I jass wen stand dea, tears streaming down my face, as da aroma of dis plant from home wen fill up my senses. Onaona ka pua melemele! [Fragrant is the yellow flower].


It’s hard for stay here at da computer! All I like do is go back to da solarium and get anodda whiff of dat amazing scent! It’s kinda funny… like a fragrance lag insteada jet lag. Am I back home? Am I hea in Oregon? Wit dat heady fragrance, it’s hard foa tell.

It’s not exactly like being back home. But hea, in my Oregon hale, in practically da middle of wintah, I get da fragrance and beauty of home.


I am in awe.

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6 Responses to Onaona Ka Pua Melemele!

  1. Julie says:

    oh my goodness…..so nani, can’t wait to see/smell it!!!!

  2. Tutu says:

    no need warning on pidgen–I understand everything you wrote

  3. Meredith says:

    Ho! Even dis haole girl wen undahstand everyting you wen write! I am so insanely jealous of your kahili ginger!!!!!


    Meredith in Taos

  4. That is so wonderful!!!!
    I had to give up my garden this year, and this week they are installing a windowsill so I can hve plants inside (we had no place for them before) Maybe I will try a ginger. I have a root int he fridge starting to put out little nobbly rhizomy things. I have saved an avacado pit to try, too.

  5. Clare Bear says:

    I’m so jalass!

  6. I love everything about gardening, growing plants and learning all I can about organic gardening and all the garden accessories that are out there. Keep up the great work on this blog and I look forward to visiting again. By the way, you might really enjoy what you find at http://gardeninglunatic.com Have a great day

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