“Perseverence” Socks Pau!

I finished the Perseverence socks yesterday, so named because halfway through the leg, my ball of yarn developed a snarl in the center that meant I had to undo the entire thing and wind the yarn all over again.

It took me two hours to undo all the tangles, knots and snarls in that one ball of yarn! People in my group were astounded that I’d keep at it so long, but I found it challenging to work little by little until the whole thing was in a brand-new ball. Thus my socks were named. And here they are!

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3 Responses to “Perseverence” Socks Pau!

  1. They look beautiful with your Japanese Maple too!

  2. Clare Bear says:

    So nani! I’m jealous of da socks (& da maple).

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