Pet Peeves

Adunno if stay da same back home in Hawai‘i as hea in Oregon, but da phrase, “No problem!” is beginning to get old real fast.

Me, to a server in one restaurant: “Eh,…”… oh, try wait. I cannot talk pidgin in one restaurant ova hea.

Take 2:

Me: “Would you mind bringing me some ketchup for the fries please?”

Her/him: “No problem!”

Me, at one espresso da kine:
“Could you make my latte extra hot please?”

Him/her: “No problem!”

Me, to someone at a title company:
“Could you please fax me a warranty deed for the property at XYZ address?”

Her/him: “No problem!”

I know wat dey mean; it means dey stay happy to gimme kokua [help]. Allatime I grateful , and alla time I say “Mahalo nui” “Thank you so much!” But it’s just dat da phrase is used so much, and I’m getting tiyad of it. Wateva wen happen to “Sure, I’ll do it right away!”, or “I’m happy to help you”, or watevah, anything but “no problem!”

I wonder… if I were back home and da same kine peeps would say to me, “‘A‘ole pilikia” when I go request something, would it bodda me da same way?

And anodda pet peeve: Da stuffs I buy dat stay wrapped in dat blister plastic da kines dat stay impossible foa open without something really sharp cuz no get one pull-tab oa small opening wea yoa fingahs can get purchase foa open da confunnit tingies anden u go get cut wen u stay trying foa cut chru da smooth plastic dat was probably neva meant to be opened in da first place anden u cannot find any band-aids…
sofinally ugochrowdatingietoyoahubbyandtellum,

“No problem!”

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5 Responses to Pet Peeves

  1. Lika says:

    I took a “customer service” class that told us we shouldn’t use that phrase because it implies there was/is a problem, so you are telling them there isn’t when they stay all pissed, it could provoke more pissed off ness.

    I think if da buggah say no problem and does not follow up right away then whatever problem no had is twice as big. LOL

    I have “issues” opening CD’s.

  2. Mokihana says:

    Eh! Get spesho CD openers, Lika! U puttum ontop da CD, slide um, and shazaaam!!! Da bugga stay open, alla way to wea u like open um!

  3. Lika says:

    I get one…..someplace…….. I no can find’um wen I need’um, I no wea I putt’um den somebody puttem someplace else. So I endup “diggingum” anyways den afta pau I open I find da opena. Wotkinedat? LOL

  4. clare bear says:

    Lika, you godda buy wun fo da car an wun fo keep by da stereo. Das wot I did!

    Mokihana, I must say as a person who deals wit odda peepos alla time, I try not to use “no problem” too much, cuz it does start sounding trite afta a while. (Instead I find myself saying “sure thing” or “absolutely” even moa.)

  5. Mokihana says:

    “Sure thing” oa “absolutely” is SO much moa betta den “no problem!” Good foa u!

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