Daboonies, Part Twelve

After leaving the wonderful sunflowers, we continued on our way back to civilization. I was dreading re-entry; I love the countryside, the wide vistas, and the absence of much traffic. Out in the country, with its wide skies and endless vistas, I feel more relaxed and more at peace with myself. I love where we live, in a semi-rural area, but being ‘way out in open countryside soothes me no end.

As we travelled back towards town, we saw still another field being hayed. (Is that even a word?) I could sit and watch tractors for hours; something about the steady rhythm of their movements as they work their way back and forth along the rows is another source of peace for me. This one was baling the huge rectangular bales like we’d seen before.


I wonder if the farmers ever get bored as they move down the rows, hour after hour. We have good friends in Idaho who farm; they used to have the old tractors with just an umbrella to shade them from the sun, but now ride in air-conditioned comfort with stereo music to help while away the hours. At least they don’t need a GPS!

We were getting closer and closer to Newberg, but not so close that there was no farmland.

We passed yet another vineyard.

We were back on 99W, and heading North towards Newberg, retracing our steps.

As we came into Newberg along Highway 99W, I was delighted to see something up ahead. Thinking that our picture-taking had been over, Nolemana had to scramble for the camera!

Can you see it up there?

It was an old Edsel!! And thanks to my dad and brother, I have a real love for old cars. I had to hurry to keep up with it, but we managed to get a couple of good photos of it. And yes, I took this photo, but Nolemana was steering and traffic had stopped. Heh heh.


Soon we’d gone past Newberg, and now were back on Interstate 205. By this time, I was getting tired!

We got to our exit from I-205:

We took the back roads home, through the hilly, green countryside…
almost home

…and soon were driving up our driveway, where we’d started out twelve hours and 250 miles earlier.

That night, we had a beautiful sunset, which to us, was a lovely blessing on our adventures into daboonies of Oregon. We had a fabulous day, and I’m glad you folks were along for the journey.


Okay pau.

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