Daboonies, Part Five

Like I said yesterday, I love adventures.  I love taking back roads not knowing where they’ll lead.  I’m the “Oh, let’s turn here!” kinda girl, while Nolemana is frantically looking at the map trying to figure out where his pupule [crazy] wife is going now. But see, that’s the whole fun of it!  We’re like Lewis and Clark, right?  Columbus?  Right!

We left Comp 3, and proceeded up Rock Creek Road.

The map above shows everything as flat.  Try wait!  Let me show you this one. You can see that we are heading up into the mountains of the Coast Range.

The scenery is nani [beautiful].  It’s my philosophy that if you never take back roads, then you miss a lot of this kine stuff.

We keep climbing.


I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure.  I think Nolemana is, too.

I get a kick out of the road names as we go along.  We are really out in daboonies now. We pass no cars, and no one is behind us.

Okay, we are ‘way up in the mountains now.

There are a lot of Christmas tree farms as we climb.

I love this shot of the barn.

There are lots of tree farms and forests.  And more of the awful clear-cuts.

Pau Part Five.  Stay tuned for Part Six, in which Mokihana remembers the movie “Deliverance”.  LOL.

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