Kanikapila (Playing Music Together) From the Frog Pond

So I’m halfway down on the first sleeve of Nolemana’s sweater.  It’s going really well.  Nice decreases, it’s getting more small like it should.  I worked on it Tuesday morning when I got together with my friends at Hawai‘i Beanz.  So why are the frogs singing so loud? Well, the problem is this: I took a look at the sleeve, and for as small around as it was, it wasn’t long enough.  Wat?  I looked at the pad of paper on which I’d kept track of my knitting: Knit one row, knit the second row, knit the third row.  Next: Decrease row.  All my little marks, lined up like little soldiers on my pad of paper.

But obviously, I did a whole bunch wrong.  My brain decided to take a trip back home to Hawai‘i without me, and while it was lying on Papohaku Beach Park listening to the ocean, the sleeve ended up too short.  I have to frog it all the way back to almost the beginning. 

Big sigh. Huge sigh.  The frogs are loud.  They’re singing a song.  The name of it is “Moloka‘i Slide”… I hear it, start to sing along… I will frog the sleeve tomorrow…I think I’m ready now…

I like the sand spreading out to the sea,

I like the tropical moon and the lazy palm trees

I like to listen to my heart

There’s no place I’d rather be

I like the people, I like the way they smile,

I like the feeling of you on this paradise isle,

I like the cool island gecko, man this is where I wanna be.


Take me back, back to da kine

Take me back, back to da kine

All over, mo’ betta, Moloka‘i I will return.

I like the gecko singin’ in the night

I like to do the dance they do to the Moloka‘i Slide

When the sun comes up shining, always mo’ betta da kine.


I like to hula, I think it’s really good,

Woman I don’t understand the words

But in time I think I could

If I just had the time, oh, if I just had the time!

I say, “Won’t you come along,

We’ll have a lu‘au by the sea,

We’ll cook a little pig and all the coconuts are free

And what you see is what you get,

In a little grass shack

I know you’re gonna like it

And I hope that you come back.


I like the fishes swimming ’round in the sea,

I like to hop ‘um on the grill and cook ‘um up for me

With a big pan of butter,

Man, it can’t get better than this…


I like the chicken, we hop ‘um on the grill

Man, it hurts to eat the raw fish

And eat up all the spills

Oh well, oh yeah, it’s just a lu‘au by the sea.


Take me back, back to da kine

Take me back, back to da kine

All over, mo’ betta, Moloka‘i I will return.

Performed by Ehukai


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