The Worship Socks Are Pau!

Today I took photos of the worship socks, which I just finished yesterday.  Nolemana helped me make a couple of basic sock blockers, and I took photos of the socks amid the blossoms of my redbud tree that stands right outside my office. Until that moment, I had no idea that a redbud tree’s blossoms are fragrant.  But as I nestled the socks in and around the blossoms, I became aware of the onaona [fragrant] scent of the lovely blossoms.  Which, by the way, matched the socks just perfectly.

It was a warm day today, and the blossoms swayed gently in the breeze.  My ring-necked doves cooed to each other from their aviary just a few feet away.  And there, on the branches of my little tree, were the worship socks, now complete.

I am going to give them to Raymond on Wednesday evening, when our small group from church meets.  I haven’t decided just exactly how to give them to him yet.  I do hope that his eyes will light up and he’ll try on the socks right away while I wait with baited breath to see if they fit.

I prayed for Raymond while making these socks.  I prayed that God would annoint his music in new ways, that while singing and playing his guitar, he would be lifted to new heights of worship.  I even prayed that his feet would feel like dancing when he puts them on.  I prayed that he would feel the aloha that was incorporated into every stitch.

So what is the color of worship? During the past month I have had a lot of time to think about that question.  I have come to the conclusion that the redbud tree is the color or worship, and so are the yellow daffodils and the pink flowering plum trees that border our driveway.  The green fir trees are the color of worship, as is the sky when it’s a brilliant blue, or dark and overcast with hail and rain.  Sunsets are the color of worship, and the rust-colored robin’s breast is the color of worship.  Hands raised in prayer are the color of worship, and so are the tears that sometimes spill uncontrollably out of our eyes.  These simple socks are the color of worship. 

So Raymond, here is my gift to you. Made with aloha, filled with prayers for you… my small kine offering to your worship.

How great is our God, sing with me

How great is our God!

And all will see how great

How great is our God!

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8 Responses to The Worship Socks Are Pau!

  1. Sheila says:

    Beautiful!!!! And the photo background just sets them off.
    I am sure he will love them and really appreciate the extra effort you put into them.

  2. Those are lovely socks! I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to receive them. You put a lot of care into them!

  3. kit says:

    They are beautiful, and truly the color of worship I see too. I know he’ll be very proud of them. Aloha!

  4. Eva says:

    Beautiful socks, but an even more beautiful discription of WORSHIP. Every creature on Earth is worshiping, why shouldnt we?

    I am sure he will love the socks as much as you do.

  5. NancyMaria says:

    Oh, those socks are beautiful and I just KNOW they will be loved and cherished by the new owner!!

  6. mamapiano says:

    Beautiful! I have just joined the Socknitters list and had not seen your page before. But being on the music team at my church, your entry caught my eye immediately. God bless you!

  7. Pat Harper says:

    Love the colors and the setting. Wish I were there! Please let us know his reaction.

  8. Destiny says:

    The finished product are very pretty. Can’t wait to hear how they were received. A gift given with that much thought and love. You are truly one of a kind.

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