He Loves Them! They Fit!

The suspense is over!  I gave the socks to Raymond Wednesday night, after reading him what I’d posted on my last blog entry.  I knew I’d be nervous and would forget what I really wanted to say if I didn’t read it.   I handed him the wrapped package.  By this time, of course, he knew what was in it.  He opened it up, and immediately tried on the socks.  And they fit!  I could breathe!

Raymond’s wife immediately wanted them for herself, threatening to wear them when Raymond left for work.  Raymond said, “Then I’ll take them with me!”

We took pictures after our small group was over for the evening.  Raymond had a new, custom-made guitar and he wanted to take a photo of the socks with his guitar.  Then he remembered that one of my special friends had made him a worship bracelet, and he wanted a photo of all three of them together.

Mahalo nui loa ‘oukou [many thanks to all of you] for encouraging me along the way while I was knitting these special socks.  I am grateful for each and every comment you all made.  I appreciate the prayers and the positive thoughts.  They are part of the gratitude that I feel for getting to be part of this whole process.

The socks are pau [finished].  I am doing the happy dance!


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7 Responses to He Loves Them! They Fit!

  1. Lika says:

    Well you better start knitting some more for Xmas presents! OR donate a pair to Aloha World Gatherings…..you going? I going try try….

  2. Mokihana says:

    Raymond no get lu`au feets but! Can u imagine me knitting a pair for Lurkah? Anyway, I stay making sometin else foa him, u know, da kine.

    But that’s a good idea. Maybe I could make something else, yeah? For the Pacific NW Mini-Gathering. Like one prize thing. Drawing thing.

  3. Destiny says:

    I am so glad that it went well. I knew it would. What a beautiful guitar too.
    Blessed man. Hope your next project brings you as much inspiration.

  4. kahukunet says:

    yea! they look like a perfect fit. What are you going to try to make next?

  5. NancyMaria says:

    I am so happy to hear AND SEE that they fit him!!!! Congratulations, Mokihana!! Your knitting is superb and I LOVE the colors. All are my favorite. I can’t wait to learn what you are going to accomplish next.

  6. Those socks are gorgeous – no wonder his wife wanted to borrow them.

    Makes me want to start a pair – although in the past I have knitted lots of things, I have never even tried socks, and at the moment I am doing little things for a new great-grandbaby. But I will!

  7. Mokihana says:

    I’m on the first sleeve of Nolemana’s sweater… that’s what I’m working on now… I’m getting anxious to finish it. I’m working with dpn’s on the sleeve decreases now…..

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